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This is the list of Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do bike racks and lots that are marked on the map. Please add a bike rack which you know about if it isn't on the map yet.

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Nearest bike-related points

Samchuly Bike (746 m)

Sajik-ro 251, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
  • Bike Shop
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Bike Factory (24000 m)

Gwanseol-dong 1743-9, Wonju, Wŏnju, South Korea
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원주셔츠룸⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주엔조이만남✅원주군인만남어플✅원주만남업소⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주섹파모임✅원주키스방✅원주원나잇 (24149 m)

대한민국 강원도 원주시 단구동 1589-4, Wŏnju, South Korea
  • Need Parking
원주셔츠룸⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주엔조이만남✅원주군인만남어플✅원주만남업소⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주섹파모임✅원주키스방✅원주원나잇 원주셔츠룸⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주엔조이만남✅원주군인만남어플✅원주만남업소⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주섹파모임✅원주키스방✅원주원나잇 원주셔츠룸⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주엔조이만남✅원주군인만남어플✅원주만남업소⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주섹파모임✅원주키스방✅원주원나잇
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원주페이만남⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주대딸방✅원주오피걸✅원주여대생출장✅원주뚱육덕⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주싱글맘만남✅원주미시맘만남 (25182 m)

대한민국 강원도 원주시 무실동 1683, Wŏnju, South Korea
  • Need Parking
원주페이만남⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주대딸방✅원주오피걸✅원주여대생출장✅원주뚱육덕⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주싱글맘만남✅원주미시맘만남 원주페이만남⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주대딸방✅원주오피걸✅원주여대생출장✅원주뚱육덕⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주싱글맘만남✅원주미시맘만남 원주페이만남⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주대딸방✅원주오피걸✅원주여대생출장✅원주뚱육덕⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주싱글맘만남✅원주미시맘만남
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원주조건만남⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주모텔출장✅원주출장안마✅원주휴게텔⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주동네섹파✅원주애인대행✅원주출장맛사지 (25603 m)

원주, Wŏnju, South Korea
  • Need Parking
원주조건만남⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주모텔출장✅원주출장안마✅원주휴게텔⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주동네섹파✅원주애인대행✅원주출장맛사지 원주조건만남⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주모텔출장✅원주출장안마✅원주휴게텔⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주동네섹파✅원주애인대행✅원주출장맛사지 원주조건만남⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주모텔출장✅원주출장안마✅원주휴게텔⛔라인➿AW717​​​​​​​⛔원주동네섹파✅원주애인대행✅원주출장맛사지
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Su Bike (27313 m)

Chang-ri, Yeoju-eup 159-37 Yeoju, Yeoju, South Korea
  • Bike Shop
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Here are some tips for finding safe parking for your bicycle:

  1. Look for designated bike parking areas, such as racks or lockers, in the locations you frequent. These areas are specifically designed for bicycles and can provide a safe and secure place to park your bike.

  2. If designated bike parking is not available, look for other secure options, such as a fenced-in area or a well-lit and busy location. This can help to deter theft and provide peace of mind while your bike is parked.

  3. Consider using a bike lock to secure your bicycle to a fixed object, such as a bike rack or a pole. This can provide an extra layer of security and make it more difficult for someone to steal your bike.

  4. If you are parking your bike at home, consider keeping it inside a garage or shed. This can provide additional protection from the elements and potential theft.

  5. Always be aware of your surroundings and the potential risks when parking your bicycle. If you are unsure about the safety of a particular location, it is better to err on the side of caution and look for a safer alternative.

  6. Consider using a GPS tracker or other security device to monitor your bike and alert you if it is moved or tampered with while parked. This can provide added peace of mind and help you to quickly respond to any potential security threats.

  7. Finally, it is always a good idea to register your bicycle with your local police department. This can help to recover your bike if it is stolen, and can also make it easier to prosecute the thief if they are caught.