Long Branch / веломеста

Не знаете, где поблизости отремонтировать велосипед? Или куда лучше поехать за покупками, чтобы велосипед можно было оставить на парковке?Не уверены какой велосипед хотите купить и где лучше это сделать? Где находится велоклуб вашего города и как встретиться с велосипедистами в вашем районе?На карте города Long Branch отображаются велостоянки, спортивные магазины, велосервисы, точки проката велосипедов и велоклубы, а также другие полезные как начинающему, так и профессиональному райдеру места.


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«The best part of my experience was that all of the employees I dealt with at The Peddler were friendly and helpful despite being clearly over worked due to the season. I ordered a new hybrid online which required some assembly. Once together, the gears and brake needed fine tuning. I took it to The Peddler, told them I just needed fine tuning of the brakes and gears and nothing else. They told me "well, it's going to be 2 weeks before we can do it." I was perfectly fine with that and so I left my bike with them. Two weeks later, I called to check and found that it was ready. Once in the shop, one of the employees retrieved my bike, and informed me that the price would be $85. I politely explained to the employee exactly what I mentioned in the previous paragraph and asked to talk to a manager (which turned out to be the owner). Again, I politely explained the situation and was told "well, I can take $5 off." I told him fine, I'll pay it because what choice do I have, but that would mean that I wouldn't be coming back. At that point, he LOST HIS MIND. He said "just take the F'ing (he used the full word) bike and get out." I told him that I'd be happy to pay a fair price but was told "get the F out." I was stunned, and I said "wow, you're nuts," to which he replied "go F yourself." I have never been treated so unprofessionally, and I will be strongly suggesting to anyone interested in my opinion to take their business elsewhere. To top it off, as I rode it home I realized that the gears STILL weren't adjusted correctly and the chain rubbed against the front derailleur...»
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